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Creating the right sleep environment for your child's sleep

Create a Perfect Sleeping Environment for your Child

7 June 2022

Create a Perfect Sleeping Environment for your Baby

Creating a sleep-friendly environment for your child is an essential factor to provide a good night’s rest. Children take time to fall asleep; it depends on how sleepy they feel after their bedtime routine and if their naps during the day were successful. It is vital to ensure that their daytime routines and bedtime routines assist in setting the stage for a good night’s rest. If you are sure that your routine is perfect and that your child’s tummy is full, you also need to consider what your child’s sleeping environment is like, as it also has to be conducive to sleep. Here are a few factors that might play a role:

Night lights
Some toddlers do have night time fears, and this is where a night light comes in handy. Having any light in the room does prevent melatonin production, which is why you have to ensure that you install a natural light if you decide to use a night light. Natural light includes night lights like Himalayan salt lamps (non-LED globes to be used). If you have an older child that can understand more advanced concepts, you can also get a clock that shows you when it is time to wake up. A watch makes it easy for children to know when it is time to get out of bed.

Blackout curtains
Light influences sleep; thus, it is vital to ensure that no light enters the room. Any light shining in from outside will also most likely cause your child to wake up early as it will cause melatonin production to stop. To ensure that this does not happen, invest in blackout curtains or adhesives that you stick to your window to ensure no light peeking through the curtains.

White noise
If you have a noisy environment or multiple children in the house, then using white noise would be beneficial, both during the day and at night. White noise will drown out outside noises and helps your baby not to wake up from birds chirping in the early hours of the morning.

Creating a healthy sleep environment is one of the building blocks that you need to have in place for your child to sleep like a superhero.

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