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Where our story began...

Seven years ago, I left a jet-set career in retail buying to start a family. And while I’ve loved every minute of raising my children, now that they’re at school, I was ready to return to work. Only I didn’t want to go back into a buying career. I wanted to start a small business. So I began to look for a gap in the market. And standing in my daughter’s room staring out the window way too early one summer morning, I realised I had the perfect product idea—removable light blocking blinds. It was probably more a wish than an idea at the time! But the seed was planted.

      Why portable blackout blinds?

 Living in a rental, it never made sense to invest in expensive and heavy blockout curtains or roller blinds. What if we moved? So as a family with young children, who also loves to travel, we needed an easy and affordable way to darken our rooms wherever in the world we were. It was on a trip to the UK, when I first stumbled across portable blackout blinds. The product I had been dreaming about all those months ago! I bought them and have never looked back. Who knew that I’d still be using blockout blinds for my kid’s nap times and summer sleeps years later.

They are so handy and versatile. Apart from plunging your room into darkness, you can also use them in your office to prevent glare on your laptop, or even your TV screen. It’s really been one of the best purchases I ever made. Only it wasn’t easy to find in South Africa. That’s when the idea for BlokoBloko was born.

What is BlokoBloko? 

BlokoBloko is a homegrown South African company that sells 100% reusable and removal blockout blinds that are multifunctional too. Housed within a handy canvas bag, you’ll find one Large or Small blackout blind with customised suction cups and self-adhesive Velcro strips to attach to the blind. 

I wanted to create a product that could fit any window and darken any room with minimal effort. It needed to be as easy as pulling a curtain closed, and it is. Because whether you’re a busy parent or you’ve just come off a long night shift, you want to kill the lights quickly. 

How easy is it to install? 

I don’t consider myself a keen DIY person, but the simple instructions and user-friendly manual are easy to follow. Even as a sleep deprived parent, I managed to measure, cut-to-size and install my portable blockout blinds. Honestly, a child could do it.

SEE FOR YOURSELF link to video

What next?

There are already new products in the pipeline. It’s going to be a game-changer so watch this space.

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