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BlokoBloko Blockout Blind - LARGE (138cm x 198cm)

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BlokoBloko Blockout Blind - LARGE (138cm x 198cm)

R 699.00
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Made from 100% block out fabric our versatile and easy to install blackout blinds are ultra-lightweight, removable and reusable. Turn day to night instantly, and enjoy better sleep or relaxation, at home or away. It’s a must-have if you’re a parent struggling to get your child to sleep in the daytime or during the summer months when the sun refuses to go down in the evenings!

Did we mention that it doesn’t just block out the light? Our multifunctional blockout blinds also offer you instant privacy from nosey neighbours. Plus it’s effective in eliminating irritating glare on TV or computer screens. You can use it in your office, at home, or take it with you on your travels.

Install in five easy steps:
1. Measure the window glass
2. Cut the block out fabric to size 
3. Stick on the Velcro strips
4. Add the suction cups 
5. Attach to window glass

Or watch the video on the left here. It’s that simple!

Try the blackout blind at full size before cutting it to the size you want. For an exact fit, measure the size of your window and add an additional 4cm-5cm all around (for safe measure) to your measurements, before cutting the blind fabric. Best of all, it doesn’t fray! Or leave it as is and have the versatility to move and reuse the blind in multiple locations.
Don’t cut to size if you're using the blind over burglar bars. Instead, retain the original size for ease of use.
*Please note: Our suction cups are heavy-duty and hard-wearing so they will require softening before use. Please soak all the suction cups in hot water for approx 5 minutes and then dry thoroughly before using. This will ensure they stick more efficiently to the window glass. Repeat as often as necessary.

Product info
Dimensions: 198cm x 138cm
Weight: 508g

What’s in the bag
1 x Block out Blind Fabric
12 x customised suction cups
12 x Velcro (loop) strips
1 x Cotton Storage/Travel Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bianca L.
The best blockouts!

These are a game changer! We moved my 2 year old son into a new bright bedroom and he went from sleeping until 730am to suddenly waking around 5am. We actually did have proper blockout curtains and blinds up but thet weren't doing the job. We got the BlokoBloko blinds and he instantly went back to sleeping to 730am. They are easy to use and make the room pitch black. Love them!

Thuysman Jessica

They've helped my little one sleep a bit later in the morning. 5:55am wake ups are now being stretched, yay!
Great product and easy to use! We decided not to cut ours to fit so that we can take it away with us

Love this product!

Best money Ive ever spent! Really effortless to use, compact and easy to travel with, these blinds have been an absolute game changer for our babies sleeping! Highly recommend.

BlokoBloko a great product

My Home office has glass doors opening to a patio with views over Joburg, so I did not want blinds to block it. But the winter sun makes it impossibly bright and hard to see on my laptop. So I purchased BlokoBloko as like the idea of applying and removing the screens as needed. Initially the suction cups did not stick too well. BlokoBloko was very helpful and advised I soak them in hot water before applying. It worked like a charm and I am now 100% satisfied with my purchase. Excellent client service and a fabulous product indeed! Highly recommended.

black out sheet

The sheet works well and certainly does the job.